in 2011. I...

                                                                      felt  lovely
with  a great Greek summer break
and a faboulous pair of shoes that i purchased

and the most adventourous&beautiful beach i've visited

with some sweethearts :)
                                                  i was happy with my curly hair for a while
though i was on a diet
                                         Elle held a 6th aniversary party at the French Embassy in Belgrade
                                              i've found a perfect assistant jelena mihajlovic
so i'm freaking out less now(god bless Her)
learned that sometimes it can be better for something or someone to just let it go...
made a perfect fashion story with marija anicic,dragan vurdelja and uhs taubner
made a perfect Elle cover with milos nadazdin,dragan vurdelja,uhs taubner and danijela dimitrovska
made my fave' styling ever for my hubby's hair show

started selling pieces from my 'aincent' old collections in vintage shop 'pull my daisy', with my sista ana on the campaign (anka rocks!)
made a buissines card for my mum
made sausages with sonja kovacs in 2.0
made a buzz with filip m.

realised. yep.

                                                                            could be on and off. yep 2.

                                                                          yep yep.


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